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Homing manages hundreds of properties for vacation rental purposes. To distinct ourselves we have an excellent store located in Largo do Rato, 7A, allowing us to offer our guests a sense of security in all phases of their stay, from the reservation process to the moment of check-out.

Our management model is based on the following points:

High Income

Transparent and Flexible Price

Management model optimized to maximize your properties

We compensate the management fee with an increase in the profitability, visibility and operation of your apartment

We provide our clients with a profile on our platform, in order to guarantee total transparency and monitoring the income on their properties.

Freedom of Contract

The contract period may be agreed on a case-by-case basis

Owners can use their apartments if necessary

Rigorous Maintenance

Homing only rents apartments in perfect conditions

Our maintenance technicians regularly inspect the apartments to guarantee they are always spotlesss

Zero Concerns

We deal with all the legal and operational procedures inherent to the activity

City Council Registration, Reporting to SEF, etc...

Check-in, check-out, Cleaning, Laundry, etc...

Dedicated account manager whenever you need any clarification

Gestion Propietario Gestion Propietario

Reservation management

Presence in more than 20 platforms

Concierge service

Prices adjusted to each season

Market analysis

Interior design consultants

Dedicated account manager

Check-in and check-out

Guest support

Cleaning and maintenance

Tax and legal advice

Report to SEF